AYLE Network is a peer group organisation consisting of young African Leaders and Entrepreneurs that provide numerous opportunities to learn and connect with others as well as empower, train, give strategic wisdom and tangible ideas to help the African youths and our future generations to grow a sustainable, resilient Africa.

We make all needed efforts to invest in the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs. Setting and tuning the focus and mindset of Africans towards leadership development, sustained performance, moral dimension, personal character, courage and innovativeness.

AYLE Network adds value to social and corporate relations. We create bridges and develop rewarding opportunities. Networking among groups of like-minded leaders and business people that recognize, create or act upon business opportunities.

Unlike any other peer Leadership and Executive networking organization, we are truly committed to the success of our members by selecting only the best and focused Leaders, maintaining a careful membership screening process, and cultivating outstanding member commitment.

We channel our focus to growing and nurturing the future generation; future of Africa, and the economy across industries of all types, companies of all sizes and countries from all sides of the continent. We dream of successful individuals who are committed to working with other CEOs and our experienced Leaders to develop action plans for improving their success on all levels – in their businesses, personal and family lives as well as the continent at large.

We promote excellence and high professional standards amongst peers, encourage leaders, entrepreneurs and the future engines (future generations) to be innovative. We recognize young African CEO’s, corporate executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and others, who have excelled in providing demonstrated leadership that has been critical to the success of their organizations and or to the growth of others across the continent.

Meet The Team / Members

Join the Elite Private Brain Trust Which Stands for Your Success.

We are truly committed to the success of our members by selecting only the best and focused Leaders who help in the cultivating of outstanding member commitment. Members unlearn to learn and relearn, network, and sharpen their skills as they take part in our exclusive networking organisation featuring world-class thought leaders.

Peter Enimil

President & Founder

Peter Enimil is the CEO of 233Developers Inc.; a web/software company in Accra. He is a visionary and a serial entrepreneur. He has tremendous interest and passion for entrepreneurship, poverty reduction, IT, business and marketing.

He's currently the Dep. Executive Director - Global Chamber Accra | GM / MD - ShowBiz Universe | Online Manager - CEO Network Ghana Ltd

Tawina V. Chikwapulo

Vice President

Tawina is the CEO of Timbiri Community SACCO a microfinance cooperative based in Nkhatabay, Malawi.

He is a motivated, talented and hardworking young man, highly skilled accountant with more than three years of invaluable experience in leading and developing career; with a substantial experience in Managerial positions, Administration and Financial Accounting.
Tawina is also the founder and CEO of TAS Group, a health products Startup based in Malawi that produces TAS Uchi herbal (100% raw honey), TAS Kondoole (high quality cassava flour) and TAS zero (bananas which are cooked or fried for a proper meal in a normal family setting).

Kate Leboile

Secretary General

Kate is the Founder of Living Empowered organization, a nonprofit agency providing mentoring programs for middle and high school youth in Gaborone.

Kate possesses superb communication skills and is someone who builds connections easily. She is pragmatic and results oriented and also globally-focused with a skill for entrepreneurial growth and development.
She is the Botswana Secretary General & Chairperson of Future Leaders for the Global Business Roundtable and also the Business Development Director of Afrique Rising Trading (SA Headquaters).


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Imagine having your own advisory board of business leaders coaching you in your business. Members discuss their toughest challenges and greatest opportunities, share candid experiences and suggestions to help each other achieve greater success. It's all about your brand and growth. See some brands that are learning and growing in our array of networks. Join us and see your brand thrive!

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